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 New York Times archive.

February 08, 1938 - By EDWARD ALDEN JEWELL - Print Headline: "SHOW REPRESENTS MEXICAN ARTISTS; Work of Fifteen Painters of Present Day on View at the Valentine Gallery"
Siqueiros, Julio Castellanos and Dr. Atl, although much less familiar than the first three named, are not newcomers here, but Federico Cantu, Gabriel Fernandez Ledesma, Guerrero Galvan, Augustin Lazo, Roberto

May 21, 1939 - - Print Headline: "OPENINGS OF THE WEEK"
Associated American Artists Gallery (May 23-June 12). Brabazon, Hercules--Water-colors. Knoedler Galleries (May 22-June 3). Cantu, Federico--Recent oils. Charles Morgan Gallery. (May 22-June 10). Dix,

May 28, 1939,
AMERICAN artists to the number of thirty-six are repre sented in the eleventh annual exhibition of the American Print Makers, current (till June 12) at the galleries of Associated American Artists. Informal in operation, this organization has no officers, but Anne Goldthwaite, one of the twelve founders, acts as chairman.

January 28, 1940,
new exhibitors in -- the galleries-Ar bit Blatas, born in Lithuania, whose paintings are at the French Art Gallery, and Federico Cantu, of Mexican birth, whose oils and drawings may be seen at the Charles Morgan Gal

January 26, 1941,
UNIQUE in the field it covers, an exhibition of Coptic art has opened at the Brooklyn, Museum. Perhaps the first showing to attempt such scope, either in Europe or America, the material displayed has been assembled strictly for its intrinsic artistic merit.
reens and reds of the nude figures possess the impact of the show. Another visitor from the republic to the south is Federico Cantu, who has become familiar to New York gallery goers in recent years. Late work,

May 22, 1942 - By EDWARD ALDEN JEWELL - Print Headline: "EXHIBITION IS HELD BY ART FEDERATION; Modern Painters and Sculptors Have Large Display at Their Second Annual Show INDEPENDENCE IS KEYNOTE Several of Exhibitors Sponsor Nonobjective Abstraction -- Expressionism Also Noted"
everything in the show. Other artists represented are l[ilton Avery, Harold Baumbach, A. 1M[ark Datz (a self-portrait), Federico Cantu, Arnold Friedman, Joseph Lenhard, Rene Lahrn, Paul Mommer, Joseph Seharl, Simka

April 11, 1943 - By EDWARD ALDEN JEWELLE.A.J - Print Headline: "BIG NEW GROUP EXHIBITIONS; The International Water-Color Show at the Brooklyn Museum -- 'Arizona Plan' at the Metropolitan -- Annual by Women"
which, the appeal of some of the water-colors by IViariano, and of Amer-. Pelaez is not to be denied. It seems to me that Federico Cantu and Guillerrno rather than Rivera, Orozco and 1Vferida, enliven the 1V[ group

April 16, 1944 - By HOWARD DEVREE - Print Headline: "NEW GROUP SHOWS ARE VARIED"
and several small and adept wood figures by Ellen Key-Oberg. The Artists' Gallery is showing drawings by Hans Boehler, Federico Cantu, Maurice Golubov, Joseph and Louis Monza, and etchings and lithographs by Charles

November 10, 1946 - By H.R. HAYS - Print Headline: "People of San Rafael"
Mackinley Helm is no exception.People of San Rafael By H.R. HAYS A MATTER OF LOVE. By Mackinicy Helm. Decorations . by Federico Cantu. 251 pp. New York: Harper Ec Bros. s2.50. tales of a provincial city of the

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